Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Other Side of Normal

Needless to say there has been enough chaos in our political reality to last a lifetime, but somewhere in it all is normal. I have come to understand the "new normal" changes by the minute. Each day as I rise and each night as I begin to rest, I understand an ever-changing reality.

In the middle of it all is my faith. My faith is that part of my soul that keeps me even. It gives me the center I need to function in the "new normal". The thing I find fascinating is that the basic understanding that I have of my faith, has not changed. It "is" normal. My faith reassures me when I am plagued with fears that there is peace. My faith reassures me that when there is injustice, that there is justice. My faith reassures me that when I am uncertain about the world around me, that there is a God, who understands and will not desert me. My faith gives me the courage to stand for those things that I know to be right with justice and my faith gives me the community of others who will stand with me on the journey.

There are many challenges that I will see before I rest this evening. I can choose to hide and not deal with them. Or, I can choose to turn to the strength my faith enables within me to press on and bring equity and justice to become the "new normal".


Nichea Ver Veer Guy,

Discipleship Pathway Director