Kid’s Club

Kid’s Club is a Wednesday evening program from 5-7pm at Trinity. Children in grades 2-5 attend the program and participate in fun, engaging activities that contain a hidden learning component. These STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)  activities change weekly. We also have fun activities in our on-site gym. Another unique aspect to our program is we serve a homestyle cooked meal every week the children rotate in helping to prepare. After the meal we do homework, skill building, reading, and game playing while we wait for pick-up. It’s a fun and active two hours and parents are excited to hear about all the positive experiences the children have had.

Being part of this program has other benefits too. Parents often comment about the support and friendship that have grown with volunteers as a result of being actively involved with our program. Hidden learning through games and activities help create interest in subjects, such as science and math. Children learn manners and basic life skills through dinner time conversations and meal prep. Children expel energy through regular physical programming by using our gym for free time or to learn an new sport or activity. Another positive aspect to our program is  we recognize and reward kindness to other children. Parents have commented they have seen this transfer to home life!

Transitions Program

Our Transitions Program is for 6-8th grade students who  graduated from the Kid’s Club Program and now attend different schools in the Grand Rapids area. This program has a slightly different focus as it works closely keeping up with students on grades and academic work, teaching basic life skills. and introducing scripture quotes as a framework for real-life applications in everyday life.

Basic life skills are valuable today more than ever! We create experiences and opportunities for students to learn things such as how to cook an egg four different ways, how to tie a necktie, how to change a diaper, real worth ethical debates, how to cook a large group meal, how to budget and shop for needed food items,
how and where to locate resources, how to ride the public bus system, and more.