Our Mission
The “seen” Project looks to inspire the next generation of students to value diversity and advocate for inclusion in their community. Our project aspires for children to develop a welcoming spirit and create unity among peers. Together we demonstrate those with differences are seen, heard and celebrated.

                                                                                    Our Goal
“seen” looks to provide specialized donated book packages highlighting children with Special Needs to 100+ elementary schools across the state of Michigan. We hope our prominently displayed packages will promote inclusion and understanding of people with unique gifts in their community.

                                                                                   Our Why
A child’s spark in curiosity and desire to grow encourages us. We want “seen” to impact and encourage children to foster an appreciation of acceptance and a vibrant culture of inclusion.

                                                                                   Our Hope
May the discussion not end at school! We hope that “seen” creates conversation at home within families. We encourage educators and families to find additional activities that go along with the books to keep kids engaged and help our project spark to life.

                                                                                   Our Team
Our team connects donated packages with elementary schools to prominently display attention-grabbing books that positively portray children with special needs in school libraries. The goal is to get these packages into schools this year and get them utilized as soon as possible by students, teachers and librarians to start important conversations with children.

We believe when you partner with us, you help educate and encourage children and families to acknowledge and support a culture of inclusion in schools and communities. Join our team by donating a financial gift, supporting our ministry and/or help promote this project to others. Our package option is available for purchase containing books that highlight a variety of special needs topics. These topics include autism, anxiety, hearing, visual and speech impairment, general disabilities, down syndrome, physical disability and special needs community advocacy.

“Seen and Celebrated” Package
 20 books for $200.00
+1 Bonus Book “I Am Me”  For the first 25 packages

I’m Interested
Great! Purchasing a specialized book package display for elementary school libraries will promote inclusion  and help celebrate differences in our community. Know of a school that may be interested in a book package? Let us know!

I’d Like to Donate
To make a donation of a specialize book package for an elementary schools in our statewide communities, Click Here.