The Policy Governance Board (PGB) is comprised of 9 semi-permanent members who take a broader and more holistic view of the congregation and its ministries. Members are elected by the membership of the congregation. Those who are nominated have been active participants in the congregation’s mission and ministries. PGB members are encouraged to think strategically, focusing on Trinity’s mission, vision, and values. PGB focuses on the bigger picture for the life of the congregation. This means they don’t micromanage the projects and programs of Trinity. The various ministry teams take leadership of their areas of focus. PGB helps these teams stay focused on the mission and vision of the church.

The mission and vision for Trinity are clear.

Vision: ”Seeking to be an inclusive faith community that extends God’s love in our neighborhood and world."

Mission: ”To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."

Trinity seeks to accomplish both by providing a safe, diverse, and welcoming faith community in our own neighborhood, the greater Grand Rapids area, and beyond.

PGB Meeting- August 28, 2022
PGB Meeting- June 12, 2022
PGB Meeting- April 9, 2022
PGB Meeting- Jan. 22, 2022
Town Hall Meeting- Jan. 9, 2022; Trustees Letter- BSA
PGB Meeting- Dec. 4, 2021
PGB Meeting- Sept. 11, 2021
PGB Meeting- August 3, 2021