We at Trinity are called to create a faith community where children, youth, vulnerable adults, and those who minister with them are safe and can grow strong in their faith. To ensure this we:

Have A Protection / Safe Sanctuary Policy

Our current policy was created in 2007 and last updated in 2019. We are in the process of reviewing & updating it. A new version should be released in late 2023/early 2024. The current policy is linked below:

Child Abuse Prevention & Risk Management Policy

Train & Background Check Our Staff & Volunteers

As detailed in our August 2023 Safe Sanctuary Training, Trinity is updating it's procedures for training & background checking folks.  We are now using Safe Gatherings, a resource recommended by the Michigan Conference, to facilitate registration, background, and reference checks. In-house trainings are hosted annually and Trinity has some basic paperwork we require as well. Any staff or volunteer applicant registered & checked in the last year is still qualified by that check while they complete the process detailed below. Our goal is to have most folks through this updated process by October 1, 2023.

We understand that the online components of this may be a barrier to some and are committed to helping you work through it. We can setup group registration/online training viewing parties here at Trinity or answer your questions via email/phone. If you need assistance with this process, contact the Trinity Office. 

Each individual working with children, youth, or vulnerable adults will complete:

#1. Trinity Volunteer Training 
We hosted a 90 minute training on August 27 that explained our policy, best practices, reporting, and more. It also covered what paperwork is required and why we're switching to Safe Gatherings. To watch the training, use the link to the unlisted YouTube video below. We highly recommend viewing this training in it's entirety. That said, the Safe Gatherings online training will cover some of the same content. 

Training Video - August 27, 2023

Power Point Slides - August 27, 2023

#2. Volunteer Interest Form
This form serves as a reference for contact, interest, and skill information. It is requested for all applicants. A PDF is available below or you can pick up paper copies in the church office. 

Volunteer Interest Form - Page 1 & Top of Page 2

#3. Volunteer Driver Application (optional)
This form will be filled out if an individual will be transporting children, youth, or vulnerable adults during the course of an event. It requires a copy of a driver’s license and proof of insurance. This form is not required for all applicants. A PDF is available below or you can pick up paper copies in the church office. 

Volunteer Driver Form - Bottom of Page 2

#4. Safe Gatherings Process including:

  • Registration: This includes questions on personal information, contact information, ministry area, and church & volunteer history.
  • Background Check: A multi-level check provided by trusted, national background check providers.
  • Reference Check: Reference check of no fewer than three (3) written references (non-familial, not of the same household).
  • Online Training Course: Safe Gatherings includes an online abuse prevention and boundary awareness training course that is required for all applicants. It will take about 90-120 minutes to complete and includes a final assessment. 

Information on how to complete the whole Safe Gatherings process can be found below:

Trinity Cheat Sheet with Sign Up Info

Safe Gatherings Tutorial for Applicants 

Thank you for supporting us as we create a safe space for our children, youth, and vulnerable adults - as well as those that work with them. If you have questions, contact Laura Johns, Director of Discipleship, at