Interested in serving as a Youth Ministry volunteer, but aren’t too sure where to begin?

Check out the following list of current volunteer/leadership opportunities:

Sunday School Teacher // Sunday school classes require a group of committed adult teachers who will encourage youth to explore the hard questions of the Christian faith. Effective Sunday school teachers attend trainings, use the resources provided by the local church or youth pastor (or search for excellent resources themselves), and seek ways to continue their faith journey while they are serving as a leader.

Youth Group Leader // The greatest gift you can give to your students is the gift of being present with them. Showing up week after week, greeting your students with a smile, and asking them about their week is a great starting point to building trusting, long-term relationships. Being faithfully present at weekly youth gatherings communicates your care and compassion for the youth and your desire to invest in their lives.

Student Mentor // Listen, respond, affirm, encourage, empower. These are the gifts and opportunities at hand for a student mentor. If large groups, or even small groups, of students seem overwhelming or impersonal to you, this is a wonderful opportunity to disciple an adolescent towards an emotionally and spiritually healthy lifestyle. Ironically, the gift of the Spirit in one-on-one mentoring relationships is that we often learn more about ourselves than we could ever intend to teach the other. Come ready to both give and receive in full.

Contact Nichea Ver Veer Guy for more info at orangecelt00@aol.com.